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Hey guys, I’m in a reviewing mood today! 

Introducing Face of Australia - Another budget friendly Australian Makeup brand that I have recently stumbled across in Priceline and of course Big W (love that place!)

Today I’m reviewing their ‘Massage therapy mineral enriched lip shine’ and 'Divine shine lip laquer'. I believe the Massage therapy lip shine retails for $10.95 and the Divine Lip laquer retails for $10.45. Very affordable for a drugstore lipgloss in Australia. 

Onto the dodgy photography! (Care of my iPhone, get a real camera Cally, you say). The top left hand photo are the massage therapy lip shine glosses I own. I’m not 100% sure of this, because there is no clear label for the name of the colour on the packaging, but I think the colour name is on the back of the tube near the barcode…The shades are from left to right ‘Perth’, ‘Bondi’, ‘Newcastle’ and ‘Torquay’. Ok, so they’re all named after cities in Australia - Nice little touch there if you like that sort of thing. Can’t say these colours scream these cities when I look at them. I’ve swatched these colours in the photo next to it, again with the same shades from top to bottom. 

The other photos are the 'divine shine lip lacquer' glosses. The shades are from left to right 'Cosmic rush' and 'Silk fortune'. The photo next to it are the swatches of these glosses with the same name from top to bottom. 

Review time!

Massage therapy mineral enriched lip shine

The Massage therapy lip gloss claims ‘Natural mineral pigments deliver sheer colour and radiant shine while moisturising vitamin E and jojoba oil help to nourish and protect lips’. The gloss comes in tube packaging with a ‘massage tip’ that has these little bumps on it which the product claims will massage your lips on application and ‘work to improve microcirculation to deliver smoother, fuller lips’. So there is some nice added bonuses to this lipgloss, which I think is a nice touch from this brand. 

Onto the glosses themselves:

Colour Payoff:

As you can see in the swatch photos most of the shades come off with a decent amount of colour and a nice shine. In regards to the claims of the product, I would say that they are a sheer gloss, but most of them do come across with some of the colour that is represented in the packaging. I have worn these alone and over the top of lipliners/lipsticks and I don’t really like how they look by themselves. They are nice and glossy, but there’s just not enough colour, and you don’t get a defined look to your lips either. However, used to top off a lip liner or lipstick, they look really nice and add another dimension to your lips. I would also like it if these came in a larger array of colours. 

Feel on the lips and packaging:

They do feel sticky on your lips, but it’s not that really annoying sticky. The upside of this is that they don’t gravitate outside of your lip. They do feel nice on the lips. I also think they are nicely moisturising, but I don’t know that I get a massage experience from using this different applicator tip. But hey, it’s a nice thought! 


The other downside is that these glosses do not last very long on your lips. What I have noticed when wearing these by themselves is that after half an hour or so, the colour pretty much fades away but the gloss remains. So you still have a nice glossy lip, but no colour. This is why I think you need to wear these with a lipliner or lipstick, to really maximise their potential. 

Divine Shine Lip Lacquer

Colour Payoff:

Ok, so this particular gloss product is my FAVOURITE that the brand offers. Better than the massage lip gloss and i’m sure just by looking at the photo you can see why. 'Cosmic Rush' is such an amazing red lip gloss!! I mean, the colour pay off is incredible! It’s very difficult to find a nice red lipgloss, and this one has a lot of impact. I think if you’re looking for a dramatic red lip, indeed with a lot of shine then this is for you! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And the other shade ‘silk fortune’ is nice enough worn alone but if you wear it over a mahogany or deeper neutral coloured lipstick/lipliner your lips will just look incredible. Such a beautiful colour. And these glosses really do add a divine shine to your lips! It’s definitely a shine, rather than a glossy look. 

Feel on the lips:

They feel nice enough, not sticky or slick. 

Long lasting?

I would say no. However, in comparison to the mineral lip glosses they last a lot longer. The red lip lacquer lasts a bit longer, but i think this is because it’s red. 


Added bonus is that these glosses smell amazing! OMG i could eat them (shan’t but wont deny that i don’t think about it).


I think the only negative is the application - it has a foam tip wand applicator that I am not in love with, if you want to get a decent amount of colour on your lips you have to go back and forth a couple of times. And i feel like the foam tip is sucking up the product, which again makes it more difficult to get on your lips. 

Overall Impression:

I like these glosses - they’re affordable and have nice colour payoff and decent shine if that’s what you’re looking for. I tend to use the massage therapy lip gloss to top a lipstick, rather than wearing them alone. My pick of the products are both of the lip lacquer’s - gorgeous colours! The only thing I think the brand could improve would be the foam tip wand applicator of the lip lacquer - not enough product comes out and also the variety of colours is quite limited. 


I mean, you can’t really go wrong for the price. Personally I would only repurchase the divine shine lip lacquer in cosmic rush because I feel like it’s a really unique shade/lip gloss product that I’ve yet to come across in another brand. I don’t think any of the other colours are that unique, and as I like trying different brands and different products I am unlikely to re-purchase any of the other colours once they run out. 

Wow, that was wordy! Have a great afternoon guys!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Face of Australia in any way. I bought these products myself and am providing my honest opinion.


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