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Hey guys, I’m in a reviewing mood today! 

Introducing Face of Australia - Another budget friendly Australian Makeup brand that I have recently stumbled across in Priceline and of course Big W (love that place!)

Today I’m reviewing their ‘Massage therapy mineral enriched lip shine’ and 'Divine shine lip laquer'. I believe the Massage therapy lip shine retails for $10.95 and the Divine Lip laquer retails for $10.45. Very affordable for a drugstore lipgloss in Australia. 

Onto the dodgy photography! (Care of my iPhone, get a real camera Cally, you say). The top left hand photo are the massage therapy lip shine glosses I own. I’m not 100% sure of this, because there is no clear label for the name of the colour on the packaging, but I think the colour name is on the back of the tube near the barcode…The shades are from left to right ‘Perth’, ‘Bondi’, ‘Newcastle’ and ‘Torquay’. Ok, so they’re all named after cities in Australia - Nice little touch there if you like that sort of thing. Can’t say these colours scream these cities when I look at them. I’ve swatched these colours in the photo next to it, again with the same shades from top to bottom. 

The other photos are the 'divine shine lip lacquer' glosses. The shades are from left to right 'Cosmic rush' and 'Silk fortune'. The photo next to it are the swatches of these glosses with the same name from top to bottom. 

Review time!

Massage therapy mineral enriched lip shine

The Massage therapy lip gloss claims ‘Natural mineral pigments deliver sheer colour and radiant shine while moisturising vitamin E and jojoba oil help to nourish and protect lips’. The gloss comes in tube packaging with a ‘massage tip’ that has these little bumps on it which the product claims will massage your lips on application and ‘work to improve microcirculation to deliver smoother, fuller lips’. So there is some nice added bonuses to this lipgloss, which I think is a nice touch from this brand. 

Onto the glosses themselves:

Colour Payoff:

As you can see in the swatch photos most of the shades come off with a decent amount of colour and a nice shine. In regards to the claims of the product, I would say that they are a sheer gloss, but most of them do come across with some of the colour that is represented in the packaging. I have worn these alone and over the top of lipliners/lipsticks and I don’t really like how they look by themselves. They are nice and glossy, but there’s just not enough colour, and you don’t get a defined look to your lips either. However, used to top off a lip liner or lipstick, they look really nice and add another dimension to your lips. I would also like it if these came in a larger array of colours. 

Feel on the lips and packaging:

They do feel sticky on your lips, but it’s not that really annoying sticky. The upside of this is that they don’t gravitate outside of your lip. They do feel nice on the lips. I also think they are nicely moisturising, but I don’t know that I get a massage experience from using this different applicator tip. But hey, it’s a nice thought! 


The other downside is that these glosses do not last very long on your lips. What I have noticed when wearing these by themselves is that after half an hour or so, the colour pretty much fades away but the gloss remains. So you still have a nice glossy lip, but no colour. This is why I think you need to wear these with a lipliner or lipstick, to really maximise their potential. 

Divine Shine Lip Lacquer

Colour Payoff:

Ok, so this particular gloss product is my FAVOURITE that the brand offers. Better than the massage lip gloss and i’m sure just by looking at the photo you can see why. 'Cosmic Rush' is such an amazing red lip gloss!! I mean, the colour pay off is incredible! It’s very difficult to find a nice red lipgloss, and this one has a lot of impact. I think if you’re looking for a dramatic red lip, indeed with a lot of shine then this is for you! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And the other shade ‘silk fortune’ is nice enough worn alone but if you wear it over a mahogany or deeper neutral coloured lipstick/lipliner your lips will just look incredible. Such a beautiful colour. And these glosses really do add a divine shine to your lips! It’s definitely a shine, rather than a glossy look. 

Feel on the lips:

They feel nice enough, not sticky or slick. 

Long lasting?

I would say no. However, in comparison to the mineral lip glosses they last a lot longer. The red lip lacquer lasts a bit longer, but i think this is because it’s red. 


Added bonus is that these glosses smell amazing! OMG i could eat them (shan’t but wont deny that i don’t think about it).


I think the only negative is the application - it has a foam tip wand applicator that I am not in love with, if you want to get a decent amount of colour on your lips you have to go back and forth a couple of times. And i feel like the foam tip is sucking up the product, which again makes it more difficult to get on your lips. 

Overall Impression:

I like these glosses - they’re affordable and have nice colour payoff and decent shine if that’s what you’re looking for. I tend to use the massage therapy lip gloss to top a lipstick, rather than wearing them alone. My pick of the products are both of the lip lacquer’s - gorgeous colours! The only thing I think the brand could improve would be the foam tip wand applicator of the lip lacquer - not enough product comes out and also the variety of colours is quite limited. 


I mean, you can’t really go wrong for the price. Personally I would only repurchase the divine shine lip lacquer in cosmic rush because I feel like it’s a really unique shade/lip gloss product that I’ve yet to come across in another brand. I don’t think any of the other colours are that unique, and as I like trying different brands and different products I am unlikely to re-purchase any of the other colours once they run out. 

Wow, that was wordy! Have a great afternoon guys!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Face of Australia in any way. I bought these products myself and am providing my honest opinion.


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Click the photo on the right to enlarge and see all of the swatches

Hey guys! What a beautiful spring day we have! I woke up sweating this morning because it was so warm - how crazy is that, given we’re like 3 days out of winter (ignoring the yukness of that statement of course).

So I was rummaging through my lipsticks this morning and I noticed that I had quite a few different lipsticks from the Australian brand ‘Australis’. SO this is a quick review. Do read on.


Australis lipsticks are available at your local drugstore, Kmart, Target, Big W. I think I’ve purchased most of mine from Big W and Priceline. They retail for $12.50 - so in Australia this is a bargain! I actually bought all of these for under $10 - Big W usually has great sales on makeup. 

The colours swatched above from top to bottom are ‘Charlston’, ‘Tango’, ‘Salsa’, ‘Jive’ and ‘Mambo’. Just realised they have a dancing theme going on there! The shade names are as above for the other photo, starting with Charlston from the left. 

I love all of these colours, the photos do not really do them justice.

Charlston is a beautiful plummy/magenta type colour that i absolutley love. I think its great for winter, i’ve even worn it to work and gotten some compliments! I don’t feel like I’ve seen a colour like this before in the drugstore - so I feel like it’s quite a unique colour. 

Tango is just gorgeous, i don’t know if you can tell in the photo but it is a shimmery shade - it’s a very wearable red with undertones of orange/brown and it has this subtle gold shimmer through it - I thought it was quite unique in the packaging. By the way, all of the shades, with the exception of tango, are creamy matte shades, Tango is the only one with a bit of shimmer. 

Salsa is like a deep corraly shade - it looks like it has a pink tone with some orangey red thrown in. I think this is a nice colour for spring it you’re wanting a bright lip! 

Jive is probably my favourite shade - gorgeous light pink with a hint of neutral tones thrown in. I wear this colour to work a lot and it looks fabulous with a little bit of shimmery gloss on the centre of the top and bottom lips (to make your lips look fuller)

Mambo is a typical nude/neutral colour, very wearable. I often use this if I’ve done dramatic eye makeup. I think it’s a nice colour, but really needs to be topped with a gloss to make it pop. 

Feel on the lips:

As for the lipsticks themselves, i think they’re nice and creamy, glide on easily.

Colour Payoff:

These lipsticks have GREAT colour payoff! One swipe and you’re good to go.

Long lasting?

In terms of staying power, they’re not super long wearing - but they do not claim to be either. They wear for as long as other brands of lipstick, (i’m thinking Revlon colourburst, Rimmel long lasting, MAC). I probably touch up my lips at work once later in the morning, just after lunch and later in the afternoon with these lippies. 

Overall Impression:

I think these are really great lipsticks for the price you’re paying for them and they come in a great variety of shades as well. I feel like Tango and Charlston in particular are quite unique! The only negative i have to say about them is the smell of the lipstick. It’s kind of like that musky old lady smell - can be quite off putting if you sniff too deeply. So do not expect a fragrant lipstick here! 


For the price, yeh. However, I think you could probably find lipsticks that are similar to most of these colours in other brands. I like to try other brands so I probably won’t re-purchase, but if you find a colour you love, certainly worth re-buying. 

So if you’re like me and have snubbed Australis makeup in the past - thinking that it’s good for an experimenting teenager, but something you ultimately move on from…take another look at their lipsticks cause they’re really great. 


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Had the best surprise when i arrived home from the gym today!! My MAC Frost lipstick in Musky Amethyst finally arrived! I had to purchase it off of ebay (which turned out to be around 70% cheaper anyway) because this shade sold out super quickly at the MAC counters that are available to me. I just thought it was such a unique shade, and looked amazing on this blonde model. Surely i can rock this colour! 
What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? 

Had the best surprise when i arrived home from the gym today!! My MAC Frost lipstick in Musky Amethyst finally arrived! I had to purchase it off of ebay (which turned out to be around 70% cheaper anyway) because this shade sold out super quickly at the MAC counters that are available to me. I just thought it was such a unique shade, and looked amazing on this blonde model. Surely i can rock this colour! 

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? 

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Online makeup available to Australia


I thought i’d take a moment to share with you something i’ve been researching fairly extensively, mostly out of frustration at the cost of makeup in Australia! WOWEEE it’s flippin expensive, especially when you compare it to the price of identical products available in the US. 

My second peeve about accessing makeup in Australia is that we don’t get the opportunity to buy brands that are available in the US in our stores. I’m quite (very!!) keen to try brands like Too Faced, Urban Decay, Laura Geller, Mally Beauty and Tarte just to name a few. Now Cally, you say, don’t be soo petulant, you can buy these brands online. Well yes of course i could. NOT. Most online makeup stores do not ship to Australia. In fact, i found an online drugstore that shipped to 52 different countries, but not Australia! Dang it, I just want a Maybelline Mousse blush in Whipped Strawberries! 

So here we have quite a few frustrating hurdles…but i think i’ve sorted most of them out! Read on my pretties! 

I’ve listed some websites below that DO ship to Australia. Yay! Some I like more than others.




I like these website because they sell brands like Milani, NYX, NYC etc. These are brands that for the most part are not available in Australia, and are low cost brands with some great quality products. My pick of them is probably nonpareil boutique, only because I found their prices to be slightly lower than the other two websites and they had a greater range of products within each brand. 


This website is great because it provides heavily discounted high end makeup items! Word of caution, be sure to read the labelling on each advertised item carefully, because some of them do specify that they are not in their original packaging or that they are a tester. This is not the case for all items, I have purchased several discounted items in their original packaging that I’m really happy with! 


I am in love with this website. Like, words can not even explain. They have a HUGE array of large makeup palates for eyes, lips and face, they also supply makeup brushes/tools, skin care products and even the ingredients required to make your own eyeshadows. Shipping is very prompt, with great attention to packaging your purchases safely. As for the products themselves, they eyeshadows are superbly pigmented, come in a variety of colours and finishes! This brand offers high quality and very affordable makeup. I’m talking $24 for an eyeshadow palate of 88 colours people! GO THERE NOW!


Man oh man, I LOVE SIgma makeup brushes! I recently purchased their classic 12 set that comes in this super cute turquoise brush holder - each of the brushes have this turquoise handle! The brushes are fantastic and so affordable! The reason for this is that they actually model each of their brushes on MAC brushes - in the past they labelled their brushes with the same number/letter system as MAC so people would know what MAC dupe they were getting. They no longer use this system. My makeup application has just been transformed by using these brushes!  



I have purchased several items from this website quite a few weeks ago - so shipping is slow. I’m quite excited to try them when they arrive, so i’ll keep you posted!


Ahhh ELF! This wesbite is the Australian online version of the American makeup brand Eyes Lip Face. I have recently purchased a gazillion products from this website and they provide excellent customer service and fairly prompt delivery (within a week). This is a website that sources its products from within Australia, so that’s going to speed shipping up. The only problem I have with the Australian site is that the products do cost quite a bit more than they do on the American site (well we’ve come to expect that hey). I mean, the difference is not really that bad - for example items worth $1 on the American website cost around $4 on the Australian website. SO if you compare that to the price of drugstore makeup in Australia you’re still saving a whole lot of money! The other thing is that they don’t have the whole range of ELF products that are available on the US store, however they seem to be slowly introducing more. I haven’t used my ELF products extensivley yet, but so far i’m enjoying most of them. AND they only cost like $4-9 each! Hello bargain beauty!


Haven’t purchased anything from this site yet, but from a quick browse it looked pretty good. I think it supplies mostly high end makeup. Really i was just interested in whether it shipped to Aus land. 


I don’t like this website much, mostly because i find their selection of products and colour shades within one brand very limited. Sure there are some discounted items, but i tend to surf this site as a last resort. Having said that, my mother buys her makeup from this website at a discounted price and she is very happy with it. 

But what if you really really want to buy makeup from say Sephora, or QVC or one of those beautiful makeup brands whose online store you’ve been browsing everyday for like a month? AH-HA! Got that covered too! 

For a small price. You buy the products you want from whatever website and these products ship to the US address you purchased for $10. This company then picks the products up and ships them to your address in Australia! Genius right!! Personally I have not used it yet (trying to save my pennies for a big online makeup splurge) but my sister has used it to purchase products from Sephora and she seemed very happy. Now it does cost additional money for shipping and handling, but it’s comparable to international shipping anyway - and considering the other option is NOT buying these brands, well i’m sold. 
So I hope you find this helpful. Please let me know if there are any other online makeup stores that you know of that ship to Australia. 

Have an awesome evening!


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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by my blog! 

I’m new to this, so it may take me some time to figure everything out! I thought a good way to start would be to introduce myself briefly, talk about how i fit into makeup and give a general overview of what to expect (initially) from this blog.

My name is Cally and I have recently completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology and am now working as a Speech Pathologist! People often ask me why i chose speech pathology, and the boring answer is that i was flipping through a careers book and thought the subjects sounded interesting. Turns out it was a pretty sweet degree and has landed me an AWESOME job. So that seems to be one thing on the ‘goals of life’ list ticked off…

My makeup story starts of in rather typical fashion in my early teens, i.e. too much black eyeliner, too much glittery eyeshadow, 5 eyelashes clumped together by too much mascara and a scary amount of pink blush! My earliest memory of owning makeup was coming home from the annual show having won my very first eye shadow/blush palate in a $1 lucky dip! I would have been about 10 years old! I loved that palate so much, i would dodgily put layer upon layer of blush on, topped with 80’s style pastel green and baby blue eyeshadow! Terrific. 

My interest in makeup waned once i hit my mid teens and hormones kicked in hardcore! Lets just say there is enough oil on my face to wipe onto a frying pan and cook half a dozen eggs. When makeup met my face it was pretty much a disaster after an hour. I tried a few different skin care items, a few different foundations - but nothing seemed to work. So i gave up. I know, what a tragic soul! 

So this way of life went on for sometime, i only wore makeup out to special occasions. I guess the moment that turned me right around to the bordering on obsessive compulsive end of the scale was Youtube, and all the awesome people that post their ‘how to’ tutorials. I don’t know why, but something clicked and i was like ‘i must find out everything there is to know about makeup application and makeup products’! I guess you could say i finally found a hobby! 

But dang, it’s an expensive hobby!

So now, on at least a weekly basis (trying to cut down on that, cause i’ve gotta eat too!) I buy new makeup and have a play. On at least a daily basis i would read about makeup or watch a youtube video or review a particular product. 

I still quite happily go out to the shops not wearing makeup, because at the end of the day i turned to makeup not because i felt like i needed to cover something up (i’m quite lazy, i wont do anything more than i have to), but because i wanted to know how to make myself more beautiful. Makeup has this awesome ability to enhance and transform - and i fully embrace that now!

Wow i wrote a lot! Well done if you got to the end of that! I’m thinking that my first makeup related post will pertain to the availability of different makeup brands in Australia, with some online shopping solutions that I have been hunting down for quite some time now! Google has become my bitch. 

I hope you have a wonderful day!


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